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2019-04-22 【Case Study】Blood Glucose Meter Registration in China
2019-04-16 【Case Study】Colloidal Gold Immunochromatography Reader Registration in China
2019-04-10 【Case Study】Electronystagmography Instrument Registration in China
2019-04-09 Webinar on Medical Device Registration and Marketing in China
2019-04-09 How to prepare overseas clinical trial data of sodium hyaluronate products for Chinese registration
2019-04-08 How to use overseas clinical trial data in registration of imported medical devices in China
2019-04-02 CIRS Summary after attending MEDinISRAEL conference in Israel on March 25-28
2019-03-22 Seminar Invitation from Israel Regulation in China for Israeli Biomed Companies With CIRS Group from China March 26th, 20
2019-03-13 The inspection result of 7 Overseas Medical Device Enterprises
2019-03-13 【Case Study】LED Dental Curing Light Registration in China
2019-03-08 【Case Study】Dynamic Electrocardiogram System Registration in China
2019-03-05 2019 CIRS Weekly Case Study is coming
2019-03-04 Meet us in MEDinISRAEL 2019
2019-02-27 Beijing government starts to carry out the medical device MAH pilot work
2019-02-18 Guideline for registration unit division of dental implants
2019-02-15 【Regulatory Alert】The inspection result of 12 Overseas Medical Device Enterprises
2019-02-01 2018년 중국 의료기기 규제 연도 보고
2019-01-22 CIRS Released the 2018 Annual Report on China Medical Device Regulations
2019-01-22 26 Overseas Medical Device Enterprises are Inspected by China NMPA
2018-12-29 The most stringent regulations for medical device overseas inspection
2018-12-26 New regulations for overseas medical device enterprises will be implemented on January 1st, 2019.
2018-12-21 2018 Annual Report on China Medical Device Regulatory
2018-12-17 NMPA report 24 overseas medical device flight inspection results
2018-11-19 How to register for the prevention and treatment of rare disease medical device products
2018-11-08 Special Review Procedures of Innovative Medical Devices

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