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2018-09-11 Tips on Soft Contact Lens Registration in China
2018-09-11 China Medical Device Authority Restructured as NMPA
2018-08-09 Free Webinar: The Latest Regulatory Updates of Medical Device in China
2018-04-10 Free Webinar The Guideline about Accepting the Medical Device Oversea Clinical Trial Data
2018-04-09 2017 Annual Report for Medical Deivce Registration in China
2018-02-02 CFDA Announcement on Releasing Good Manufacturing Practice for Medical Devices ([2014] No. 64)
2018-02-01 Will the Clinical Trial Condition Differences Affect the CFDA Oversea Clinical Trial Data Acceptance?
2018-01-25 How Will the Subjects Difference Affect the Oversea Clinical Trial Data Acceptance
2018-01-18 Technical Review Differences for The Oversea Clinical Trial Data Acceptance
2018-01-17 CFDA Issued Eight Registration Guidelines
2018-01-16 The Oversea Clinical Trial Data Submission Condition and Acceptance Requirements
2018-01-12 Accept the Medical Device Oversea Clinical Trial Data Technical Guideline
2018-01-11 CFDA Issued Six New Guidelines
2018-01-10 CFDA Clinical Trial Design Guideline
2017-12-26 CFDA Issued Four Registration Guidelines
2017-12-25 CFDA Issued Two Clinical Evaluation of Technical Review Guidelines
2017-12-19 CFDA Suspend The Import of Two Medical Devices in China
2017-12-18 CFDA  Issued Ten Registration Guidelines
2017-12-13 CFDA Medical Device Registration Administration Fee Standard (By 12/13/2017)
2017-12-12 Registration Declared Documents Requirements for Product Registration Alteration and Renewal
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