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2015-06-11 How to apply for and obtain the medical device registration certificate under new CFDA regulations ——Interview with Ms Cindy Fu from CIRS MD Regulatory Technical Team
2015-06-05 Graphically show you how to prepare the registration during R&D of your product
2015-05-28 CFDA Administrative Fee is here to pay, rebuild your budget
2015-05-26 CFDA publishes the guideline on technical evaluation for ER and PR antibody reagent and assay kits
2015-05-20 CFDA technical guideline on medical devices clinical evaluation
2015-05-13 Be Aware of CFDA Administrative Fee, It Is Going to Come
2015-05-12 How to conduct medical devices registration in China in cost-effective way
2015-05-07 Clinical trial activities required to be recorded in China local FDA
2015-05-05 Free Webinar: Latest Regulatory Updates on Medical Devices in China
2015-05-04 Presentations on latest regulatory updates and technical requirements for medical device are available upon request
2015-04-08 Some devices are no longer managed as class I medical devices in China
2015-04-08 Gene sequencing diagnostic related products required to register and approve in China from 9th February 2014
2015-04-06 Understanding of the medical devices competent authorities in China
2015-04-03 Which medical device can be exempted from clinical trial in China? Download the exemption list now
2015-04-01 New CFDA approval process for in vitro diagnostics
2015-03-27 CFDA asks registrant to update or renew the medical device registration certificate
2015-03-24 FAQs on medical devices registration in China are avaliable
2015-03-20 Medical Device Workshop – Regulatory insights: China, Europe and U.S.A, April 23rd, 2015 – Michelangelo Hotel, Milan, Italy
2015-03-10 Your Helpful Statistics of Medical Device Industry in 2014
2014-12-22 CIRS put out “One-Stop” regulatory compliance service for medical devices entering into China market
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