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2015-04-08 Gene sequencing diagnostic related products required to register and approve in China from 9th February 2014
2015-04-06 Understanding of the medical devices competent authorities in China
2015-04-03 Which medical device can be exempted from clinical trial in China? Download the exemption list now
2015-04-01 New CFDA approval process for in vitro diagnostics
2015-03-27 CFDA asks registrant to update or renew the medical device registration certificate
2015-03-24 FAQs on medical devices registration in China are avaliable
2015-03-20 Medical Device Workshop – Regulatory insights: China, Europe and U.S.A, April 23rd, 2015 – Michelangelo Hotel, Milan, Italy
2015-03-10 Your Helpful Statistics of Medical Device Industry in 2014
2014-12-22 CIRS put out “One-Stop” regulatory compliance service for medical devices entering into China market
2014-12-02 Something You Must Know on GMP & GSP Implementation in China
2014-11-05 Hold Details, Easy Your Registration
2014-08-14 New Medical Device Regulations Challenge or Opportunity?
2013-12-20 Medical Devices Market to Maintain 20% Growth Rate
2013-09-23 What China’s Crackdown on Corruption Means for Foreign Healthcare Companies
2013-06-01 Acts of the State Bureau of Food and Drug Supervision and Administration
2013-04-30 St. Jude Warns about Surgery with Older Pacemakers
2013-03-20 How Lasers Are Changing MedTech
2013-02-04 Future Retinal Implants to Offer Clearer Vision
2012-12-24 SFDA Notice: 104 Industry Standards of Medical Devices Published
2012-10-11 Secondly Proposed Technical Guidance: IVD Reagents for Detection of HIV, HBV-DNA and Specified IgM Antibodies to Pathogen
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